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ANSUL Holland Fire Fighting Monitors

Our company is a specialist in designing, manufacturing and servicing Fire Fighting Monitors both for land and marine applications. Since 1970's, we have delivered hundreds of monitors and we are proud to have so many satisfied customers internationally. Ansul Holland is independent from Ansul Incorporated USA and has a seperate distribution network - centralized contact details are given below. We are specialized in heavy duty, special designed and machined monitors in full stainless steel with a state-of-the-art control system and features that add value to the owners, operators and fire-fighters.

Design, manufacture, service and export of:

  • Remote controlled water-foam monitors from 120 upto 1200 m3/h capacity
  • Manually controlled water-foam monitors from 120 upto 1200 m3/h capacity
  • Special control systems for all monitors and equipment
  • Special branch-pipes and nozzles
  • Water spray protection systems
  • Monitor towers and standpipes
  • Mobile and trailer-mounted monitors
  • Foam mixing equipment, pumps and concentrates
  • Special customer requests and configurations
  • Miscellaneous special fire fighting equipment

The Ansul Holland fire fighting monitors are usually used for the protection of :

  • Jetties where tankers and other ships are ankered
  • Process towers at chemical plants
  • Oil, fuel and chemicals storage tanks
  • FiFi vessels, see below
  • Off-shore platforms
  • Deck of tankers
  • Floating production facilities
  • Helicopter landing decks
  • Aircraft hangars

Any other special purpose task needing a large capacity of water or foam from a safe distance

Ansul Holland uses the most flexible, safest and most reliable control system for monitors in the global marketplace.

After having used conventional electric and PLC configurations, we have develop this system some years ago.

This microprocessor based control system has now proven to be the most reliable and flexible system available

The system consists of a compact operator control panel with joystick and pusbuttons to control all functions, a digital display for showing additional information, a main control box, junction box and the electrical motors and/or actuators. The system is made of water proof components and can be used for all currencies. All items in hazarduous zone can be explosion proof according to EXE or EXD or ATEX. Valuable features are position indication, lock-out key, flexible adjustment of limits, safety-key protection and integrated control of pums and valves. Among the many optional possibilities are interaction with other control systems and wire-less radiographic controls

Ansul Holland is specialised in delivering complete external fire fighting sets with DNV, ABS, LRS, BV or other class notation. These sets are typically used on vessels for special operations in offshore oil fields and harbours. These multi-tasking vessels can be either supply vessels, anchor handling tugs or special fire fighters.

An external FIFI set usually consists of the following items:

  • Electrically or hydraulically remote operated fire monitors
  • Special control systems to control the monitor as safe and reliable as possible
  • Water fighting pumps usually split-case centrifugal type
  • Clutch and gear increaser for connecting pumps to main engine
  • Foam pump and mixing system
  • Foam storage tank filled with AFFF, ARC or FP foam concentrate
  • Self-protection external water spray system to protect hull and superstructure
  • Any specific request by customer, builder or society

FiFi Requirements :
FiFi-1 notation needs minimum 2 monitors with each a capacity of 1200 m3/h, throwlength 120 mtr and heigth of 45 mtr.

FiFi-2 notation needs 2, 3 or 4 monitors depending on their water capacity. Total capacity at least 7200 m3/h, throwlength 150 mtr and heigth 70 mtr.

FiFi-3 notation needs 3 or 4 monitors having a total capacity over 9600 m3/h with same throw as FiFi-2.

FiFi-1/2 is non-notational and would have typically 2 monitors with each 600 m3/h, throwlength 100 mtr and height 45 mtr.


  • Deliver what are customer wants and needs
  • Build relations with both the builders and the owners
  • Reply faster and deliver on schedule
  • Make installation easier and cheaper
  • Shorten activation reaction time
  • Decrease operator manpower needs

All monitors are designed to international standards and can be certified by any certifying society.

All production is done in The Netherlands following strict quality and environmental standards like ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

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